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Corporate life coaching is a valuable resource for businesses and organisations looking to enhance the skills, productivity, and satisfaction of their employees. I will work one-on-one with employees or with teams to help them identify areas of their professional life that they would like to improve and create a customised action plan to achieve their goals.


By focusing on individual development, corporate life coaching can have a positive impact on the overall performance and morale of a business. Coaching can be a cost-effective way to address a wide range of challenges faced by employees in the workplace. I work with employees who want to improve their time management skills, increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and develop their leadership abilities. Through this process, employees can become more engaged, motivated, and confident in their work, leading to improved performance and job satisfaction.

Corporate life coaching is an investment in the success of a business. By providing employees with the support and tools they need to achieve their personal and professional goals, businesses can create a more positive, productive, and motivated workplace. 

  • Are you successful in your role but want to maximise your leadership potential further?

  • Are you having trouble retraining staff or finding team members unmotivated?

  • Do you have someone transitioning into a new and bigger role?

  • Do your managers need to have a bigger impact within the organisation?

  • Do you have staff who are concerned with imposter syndrome?

  • Do you have staff who need more confidence in their role?

I can help. We can work together to construct a tailored coaching programme to fit your organisational needs, whether that's a single person or a whole team. We will undertake 1-2-1 coaching that usually spans 4-6 months with sessions every two weeks. We will look at individual development goals as well as how we can align these to team and organisational strategic goals.


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