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  • Will the coaching be online or in-person?
    The majority of personal coaching is done online but if you're in the local area and would prefer in-person coaching then just let me know. I can travel around Cork, Limerick and Kerry. Organisation coaching is done on-site with your staff or consists of an online programme of sessions online depending on your needs.
  • What's the process?
    We'll start by having a free introductory call, sometimes called a chemistry call. It's where we can meet and discuss what you want to achieve and get to know each other a little. From there we will agree an initial schedule of sessions to suit your needs. The first session will consist of a 90 minute Discovery call and then that is followed by 1 hour fortnightly sessions for as long as agreed. In between sessions you will have email support as needed.
  • What can leadership coaching help with?
    Leadership coaching can be highly effective for leaders to improve their self-awareness, identify blind spots and growth opportunities, improve emotional intelligence, work on their mindset and unlock their unused potential.
  • What can career coaching help with?
    Career coaching looks at helping people identify their strengths and values and from there look at where they want to go in their career and how to get there. Coaching will allow the coachee to look at career planning and help set career goals both in the short and long term.
  • What can general life coaching help with?
    Life coaching can help really any situation where someone is seeking to make a change in their life. Here are some common goals: - Improving self confidence - Improving self-awareness - Looking at mindset and identifying negative thought patterns - Improving relationships - Gaining clarity on purpose and direction - Lowering stress levels - Helping with life/ work balance
  • How many sessions will I need?
    To start with people generally go for a 3 month agreement, which involves 6 sessions over that time. Every person is different though and we will work together to design our schedule together. You are not under any obligation to complete any set number of sessions, it's just a timeline that we think will work but it's completely in your hands session to session.
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