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1-2-1 Coaching

Personal life coaching is a supportive and empowering process designed to help you overcome challenges, reach goals, and create a fulfilling life. I work one-on-one with you to help you identify your strengths, values, and aspirations and create a customised action plan to achieve your goals. The coaching process involves exploring the present and future, setting meaningful and achievable goals, and creating a step-by-step plan to turn those goals into a reality.

Personal life coaching can help in a variety of areas including relationship building, career development, personal growth, and self-improvement.  With a personal life coach you can receive the support, guidance, and accountability you need to make meaningful and lasting change in your life.

Coaching is a dynamic and collaborative process, and each coaching relationship is unique to the individual and their goals. Here are some of the things that I can help with:

  • Improving self-esteem and confidence

  • Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs

  • Improving relationships and communication skills

  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression

  • Finding work-life balance

  • Improving time management and productivity

  • Improving decision-making skills

  • Navigating major life transitions, such as career changes or retirement

  • Improving overall well-being and happiness

Here's what you get when you work with me...

FREE Introductory Session

90 Minute Discovery Session

A FREE 30 minute introductory session, which provides us time to find out how we might work together, what's possible and what's involved in the coaching process. Any questions you might have will be answered.

A 90 minute discovery session where we will look at where you are now and where you want to be. We will also look at what drives you, your values, passions and strengths.

1 Hour Coaching Sessions

1 hour coaching sessions tailored to you. These are normally once every two weeks and for at least 6 sessions but we will have talked about the length in our introductory session.


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